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Our Story

Miss AP Ferguson was a teacher at a missionary training institution in South Africa. In 1894 she attended a Students’ Convention in Northfield, USA, where she discussed the possibility of founding a similar organisation in South Africa with the secretary of the student movement, Mr. LD Wishard. The Students’ Christian Association (SCA) was duly founded on 28 July 1896.

In 1965 SCA was divided into four racially based organisations as a result of the segregation policies of the government of the time. The organisations were: Association for Christian Students (ACS) for coloured students, Students’ Christian Movement (SCM) for black students, Students’ Christian Association (SCA) for white English-speaking students, and Afrikaans Christian Students’ Association (ACSA) for white Afrikaans-speaking students. SCA asked Scripture Union to take responsibility for its work in schools and focused on tertiary students.

On 25 January 1992 representatives of SCA, SCM, ACS, ACSA, SU and SUCA met in Stellenbosch for consultations and agreed unanimously on the following statement:

“We repent of the unbiblical division that occurred in 1965."

“We commit ourselves to a vision of a united ministry/movement in schools and tertiary institutions for the sake of our Christian witness in the world."

“We commit ourselves to promoting this vision in our constituencies and to meeting again to take this vision of unity further with the Word of God as our only guide.”

After a process of negotiations ACSA and ACS reunited to form the Uniting Christian Students’ Association of SA (UCSA) and SCM and SCA reunited to form the Students’ Christian Organisation (SCO) in 1997.

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