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Q: What type of organisation is UCSA?

A: UCSA is a non-profit, autonomous Christian organisation based on its confession of faith; with full legal personality. It is bearer of its own rights and liabilities; and no member of UCSA has any claim to any assets or income of UCSA; and also no responsibility for any expenses and liabilities of UCSA.


Q: How does UCSA see its calling?

A: Young people in South Africa are growing up in a secular world where faith in Jesus Christ is often seen as irrelevant. UCSA wants to introduce children and young people to Jesus Christ and to a radically new lifestyle in Jesus Christ.


Q: Is UCSA still relevant?

A: UCSA proclaims Christ, who is unchanging. Everyone who hears his messages, has to decide whether it is relevant to his or her life. UCSA’s style should be relevant to the world in which young people live. Therefore UCSA tries to keep in touch with them and their world. UCSA believes that its ministry should remain relational – relationships built with young people by Christian role models are more important than programmes and activities.


Q: Where does UCSA find funds for the ministry?

A: UCSA is a faith organisation and is dependant on donors for the largest part of its income. Every section and project must cover its costs from its income and has its own budget and fundraising strategy. UCSA ministers to children (many of whom are from poor and needy communities), who cannot possibly generate sufficient funds to cover costs. UCSA also uses young people in its ministry. These young people give their youth, their considerable energies and their boundless enthusiasm, but they are dependant on donors for funds to run their projects successfully. Read more.


Q: Is UCSA registered?

A: UCSA is approved as a Public Benefit Organisation in terms of Section 30 of the Income Tax Act. UCSA is also registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) at the Department of Social Welfare, no 034 309-NPO.


Q: Is UCSA affiliated to any specific church or cultural group?

A: UCSA is a non-racial, inter-denominational Christian youth organisation. Children and young people from any Christian church and cultural group are welcome at the programmes of UCSA.


Q: How does UCSA handle its relationship with different churches?

A: UCSA strives to obtain the goodwill and co-operation of all the churches who are interested in its work. UCSA undertakes to avoid dogmatic matters about which there may be differences of opinion among churches in its programme and study material and in its style of presenting activities.


Q: What are the requirements for volunteers who want to help with UCSA programmes?

A: UCSA expects all volunteer helpers at activities or meetings of the organisation never to act contrary to its confession of faith, nor to allow conflict to be created about dogmatic matters, nor to allow activities about which differences of opinion among churches may develop. All volunteers must sign an agreement in this regard.


Q: What is your confession of faith?

A: Read it here.


Q: What is the symbolism of your logo?


The cross on the ball: We confess that Jesus is the Lord of the whole world and we ask Him to be the King in our lives.

The round ball: Christians’ unity across the world.

Lines across the ball: We are part of the great diversity in the body of Christ.

Arrows: When Jesus enters a person’s life, there is a 180° turn-about. On the one hand, we turn to Christ and strive to become like Him, on the other hand we turn to the world and its needs.

The cross in the background: The Word has become flesh so that we can be saved.



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