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It is UCSA’s vision to guide a new generation to a new lifestyle in Christ.


Mission statement

UCSA exists as part of the Body of Christ to glorify God and by the power of the Holy Spirit to

Develop new leadership that impacts others by exhibiting Christian leadership values through serving in mentoring relationships;

Build a new generation that actively strives towards reconciliation in Christ and mutual understanding in the reality of our diverse society;

Bring new life by sharing the Gospel of Christ, leading young people to faith commitments and nurturing his disciples;

Establish a new culture by letting the Kingdom of God come to the hearts and lives of those who journey with us through life.

To achieve this UCSA passionately creates life-transforming experiences for young people through a variety of programmes and projects. We will accomplish this with the support of:

Management that is strategic, visionary, and professional;

Staff who are committed, trained and motivated;

Facilities that are functional and cost-effective;


Appropriate financial and fundraising strategies.

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