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" Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit," - Matt 28:19

Not one step without Christ. To the ends of the earth with Christ. He calls us to go beyond our safe and well-known borders to new and challenging places of great spiritual and physical need. He calls us to be the light in a dark world, and to take a message of hope to people all over the world. And in this way we are blessed and enriched beyond anything that we can imagine. 


Short term outreaches / Community outreaches

Many think that an outreach is only an outreach when you go to another town or even country, but it is as important to reach out to those in our own community. UCSA encourages schools to participate in outreaches within their communities and, for example, visit old age homes, children’s homes or hospitals, help at soup kitchens or help to build or repair schools, churches or houses in needy communities. The possibilities are endless!

UCSA staff regularly organise outreaches. If you want to become involved, or if you need help or advice about organising a local outreach, you can contact the Provincial Organiser in your province.


Long term outreaches


We regularly organise outreaches for the June holidays.

These outreaches last from one to three weeks and take place in needy communities in South Africa, other African countries and even in other parts of the world.

Do contact us if you want to participate. 


During the December holidays each year we send more or less 25 teams to holiday resorts all over South Africa and Namibia, where they minister to people of all ages, bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to them in the language of today. We focus on friendship evangelisation and try to present programmes that are interesting and fun. Our activities include puppet shows, beach games, coffee bars, sports competitions and shows by travelling guest artists. We work in various communities at each resort and try to meet people in their own environment. Holiday outreaches is a wonderful way for young people to witness for Christ during their December holidays. 

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