UCSA exists as part of the Body of Christ to:

  • glorify God and, by the power 
of the Holy Spirit, develop new leadership that impacts upon others through serving as Christ did;
• build a new generation that actively strives towards reconciliation and unity in Christ;
• bring new life by sharing the Gospel of Christ, creating opportunities to choose
and grow; and
• establish a lifestyle that glorifies the Kingdom of God and
that will take others with us
on our journey.

UCSA’s aims

In dependence on God, the organisation strives to:
• live as disciples of Jesus and to witness to others;
• be sensitive to the Holy Spirit within our context;
• encourage members to spend time studying the Bible, to pray and to become involved in a local church;
• promote inter-denominational relationships;
• maintain a Christian presence in educational institutions in South-Africa;
• promote reconciliation and unity amongst Christian learners and students;
• promote leadership that serves and that will motivate and mobilise its members to also serve; and
• create an atmosphere for a teachable spirit.

Commitment to UCSA

It is expected of all members of staff, council and committee members to endorse the aims of UCSA.
Relationship with schools and tertiary institutions
• As an organisation of learners and students UCSA, at all times, strives to maintain good relationships with education authorities at all levels of management.
• UCSA branches are established in consultation with school principals or the governing bodies of educational institutions.
• UCSA branch activities are internally supervised in accordance with the mandate given by the principal and/or governing body of an educational institution, and in cooperation with the responsible teacher / UCSA representative.

Relationship with the church

• UCSA cannot – and does not want to – substitute the church. We strive to create opportunities for young people to grow in their relationship with Jesus in a voluntarily and unrestricted way.
• UCSA acknowledges the supervision of the church over its members.
• UCSA wishes to serve and support the church in its striving to call its members to choices of faith in Jesus Christ.
• UCSA regards it the task of each church denomination to teach its members its specific dogma.
• In its programmes, study material and in the way in which its presents its activities, UCSA undertakes to steer clear of matters that may relate to religious dogma and possible differences of opinion among church denominations.
• UCSA appeals to churches to undertake not to use UCSA activities to recruit members for their congregations.
• UCSA encourages unity. We urge all involved to show sensitivity towards possible differences in religious orientation.